BIOTOUCH Microblading Pigment 8 Bottles Permanent Makeup

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Biotouch widely known and recognized for their entire line of High-Quality pigments introduces 8 new colors that are specifically made for Microblading! This new formula allows for creation of defined hair strokes with lasting precision and definition.

FOXY BROWN works to match red hair and can be added to True Night or Royal Olive to neutralize the bluish tone. Used for 1-3 skin tones. Apply after procedures to brown up any brow color.

CAMEL BROWN is mostly used for the Blonds, with skin tone 1.

ROYAL OLIVE is suitable for 2 to 4 skin tones with warm skin undertones. Can also be used for correcting pinkish or orangeish brows.

ORANGE WARMER is applied after procedures to brown up any brow color.

YELLOW LIGHTEN is applied after the procedure to lighten any brow or create more golden shades.

TRUE NIGHT works best for skin tones 5 - 6 Also Orange Warmer can be used to neutralize the bluish tone, after the procedure.

ASIAN BROWN is mostly used for 2 - 3 skin tones. Specially formulated for creating crystal clear hair strokes.

BROWNIE is used for 2 to3 skin tones to create dark and defined hair strokes.

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