Biotouch ROSE LINE 8 Bottles Pigment for Powdery Lip

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  • Biotouch's Rose Lip Pigments complement to perfection the stylish techniques of blushing, tinting, contouring, ombre-blending, and lips concealing, giving your clients a powdery full-lip effect to procedure an overall sexy and sensual appearance.⁣

  • This outstanding selection of colors varies in shades extending from a bold red that exudes vibrancy to a creamy nude that mimics a powdery pout lip.⁣

  • Includes 8 bottles, 15 ml each 

  • Shades for powdery lip: Blush Rose, Fuschia Rose, Berry Rose, Flame Rose, Cream Rose, Chicago Rose, Earthy Rose, and Pink Rose

  • Specially formulated. These soft pigments deliver unrivaled softness and focus on achieving the popular puffy, cottony appearance that everyone is raving about. These effects make lips appear naturally plump and create a satin-soft texture.⁣